Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What Not To Say...Part 2

People LOVED my "What Not to Say to a Parent of Preemie Multiples" post a few months ago so I decided to do an updated one. Amazingly the comments have changed now that the girls are a little older, have their own opinions and now a lack of patience! Let's just say, going into public is a full contact sport!

If you see a tired momma of twins (or more then 2 kids that are very young) please DO NOT

1. Give me advice! - unless I ask for it please do not give me unwanted advice, it is just rude. If you do not have any children and you stop me to give me advice I might bite you...maybe there should be a warning on my shirt like the puppies at the SPCA? "Bites when provoked!"

2. Touch my baby - this goes for year around but now in winter more then ever I do not want you to touch my baby! Thanks for giving my child the gift of a cold!

3. Say "You got your hands full" - thank you master of the obvious, if you are not going to help by opening a door or carrying a bag then keep your mouth shut, I am just trying to buy some food.

4. Say "Double Trouble" - They don't need any ideas, let's tell them they are sweet and maybe it will rub off!

5. Ask "Are they twins?" - Okay, I have two babies that are the same size that look just like the other one...YES, they are twins! My friend told me she became so tired of people asking that stupid question that she started saying "No, different fathers". SO funny! 

I LOVE it when you say...

1. "They are SO pretty!" - thanks, I grew them myself :)

2. "Let me get that door for you." - love this because doors have become the enemy with no free hands and/or a double stroller.

3. "What a great smile!" - that is one of my favorite things too.

4. "I had a hard time with one, you are amazing!" - thanks, I needed that ego boost!

5. "They look so healthy and happy for twins!" - it was a lot of work to get them there thanks for noticing!

So if you happen to see me out with my amazing girls please keep these in mind. For the most part I am not offended if what you say and do comes from a place of love. If however, you come from a place of judgement you better bring your boxing gloves!


  1. This is great!

    The first two apply to all moms, though--not just moms of multiples! Last week, a woman behind me in line told me that I should cover my baby's face with a towel whenever I go out in public so that she won't "catch any nasty germs from people." She said this as she was pinching Kayleigh's cheeks to make her smile and playing with her hands. What the heck? Lol.

  2. Haha, yes people are always masters of the obvious! Something that annoys me to no end.

  3. That's the problem of cute kids. I agree whole-heartedly and am frequently offended by the fact that so many adults fail to respect the personal space of children and babies. They'd never get in the face of or touch another adult or teen that they don't know. I really wish babies had an auto-reaction to punch people in the nose...

    As a mom to identical twin girls who wear a lot of pink because that's what was handed down to us (my first daughter wore a lot of neutral/orange/blues/greens) I am amazed by the number of folks who 1) ask if they are twins and 2) ask if I have one of each and then 3) ask if they are identical.