Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What Not to Say to a Parent of Preemie Multiples - Funny Post

Oh boy do I get attention! Not only are my girls adorable, I have two of them and I dress them in super cute clothes so naturally I get a ton of smiles and stares from others everywhere we go. The smiles I love but the comments that follow sometimes annoy me or just plain make me laugh! Here is a list I put together (with humor in my heart) of all the things we hear on a daily basis that you should just not say!

1. "Wow, you must have your hands full!" - okay seriously? Duh! Of course I do, but that was the 2 seconds when I forgot and was enjoying life. 
2. "Awe, a boy and a girl!" - nope wrong! Why do you assume I have one of each when both my girls are dressed in pink? One time I had giant bows on their heads too, I turned to the woman and said, "Yes, I put a orange bow on my son's head!"
3. "They are SO small!" - if you only knew how small they were before you would never say that!
4. "My baby can..." - that's nice but my babies are preemies so I am giving them more time to meet those milestones.
5. "I know, I am SO tired from parenting a newborn." - unless you also have twins, have more then 3 kids or are in a wheel chair I really do not want to hear how tired you are with one baby. Honestly, you have no idea!
6. "You are so brave to be out." - why? I have babies not little monsters!

On the other hand, here are the comments that really make my day.
1. "Wow, you are a supermom!" - yes I am, thanks for noticing.
2. "I don't know how you do it, you are amazing" - thank you for recognizing that my two babies are harder then your singleton.
3.  "A double blessing!" - that is exactly how I see it!


  1. I went back to read your Welcoming Motherhood with Emma & Grace post. How very delighted I am to learn the news of you twin adoption. God bless you!

    Once upon a time, I always thought having twins would be wonderful. However after having single babies to care for I realized that in itself is hard enough to juggle. So, yes Supermom (that's you) my hat is off to you. Way to go!!!

    This was such a cute, fun post. You know sometimes you have to wonder about people, really! Of course often times comments aren't meant to come off weird or negative, but if you think about them for a second too long then the remarks strike you in an odd way, don't they?

    Oh well...this is all so very exciting. BTW, I was noticing you have promotional give-aways. I'm exploring the possibilities of doing something along this line in the future. Do you care to offer any advice? =D

  2. My friend reminded me of another one,
    7. "Do twins run in your family?" - Umm, identical twins can't run in families and please don't try to argue with me about this!

  3. I have six.. the comments do get irritating. I have identical twins and we have lots of identicals on my husband's side of the family. I have to wonder if identical twins do run in some families. I've always been told they are a random occurrence.