Monday, April 4, 2011

Play Time - Organic and Eco-Friendly Toys with Reviews and Giveaways!

This week is dedicated to organic and eco-friendly toys. I have to admit I hate toys, those plastic monstrosities are everywhere! Invading your living room, under your foot in a dark hallway and always on the floor of the bedroom. I feel that there is a time and a place for toys. My mother was a single mom who took me everywhere. I had to learn how to entertain myself for long periods of time. Together we came up with the play pack. I would pack a bag of goodies, crayons with coloring books, my favorite dolly, paper doll books a get the idea. I would be fine by myself for hours. When I took my first nanny position I continued this practice and had the children pack a play bag. To this day you will find crayons, paper, a snack, a drink and boo boo aid in any of my purses!

So as you can see I actually love toys, I just hate the plastic with tons of tiny pieces that breaks the minute you take it out of the box and was made in China by child labor toys! I fear holidays and birthdays to come when I have to lay down the law for presents but what else is a green momma to do? Over the next week I will review my favorite eco-friendly toys with NO plastics! I will also profile some of my favorite artists who hand create some amazing products and I will have two toy giveaways! Please visit my treasury on Etsy, to see other organic toys that I love.

Today’s blog is for the babies and for that we turn to simple objects like stuffed animals and mobiles.

Stuffed Animals
I love simplicity and stuffed animals are in our life in moderation. One for the bed, one for the car and play bag. In my experience a baby quickly decides which is the favorite and then curses of plagues to you if you ever, ever loose it! To avoid this, buy two! Until then I like to have one at all times, it can be a nice distraction on those car rides when baby has had enough.

We have two, one that rattles and one that does not. Toys that make sound are heavily considered before entering our family, only soft noises are allowed. We have a small stuffed giraffe by Gund that makes a very soft, non-annoying rattle. It is made and stuffed with organic cotton. This one works well for distracting at grocery stores, restaurants and car rides. The other one is little monkey by miYim, he is also made from organic cotton and all-natural organic dyes. He is small enough to be leashed to a car seat or stroller for that cuddly toy on the go. As you can see in the picture, even the packaging is eco-friendly.

I once nannied a child who hated diaper changes. This baby would run from me and say “no, no no!” as his little poopy diaper sagged. The only way I could get him to cooperate was to become the tickley “Poopy Monster” so it became a fun game and to distract him with a mobile above the changing table. I still love mobiles, there is something so charming about them. If you are looking for that perfect statement or you have a willful child like I did a mobile is the perfect solution. We ordered the most beautiful mobile from The Starcraft on Etsy. When I contacted them about an interview and a giveaway the answer was YES! Here is a little information about those works of art and how you can win one for your baby (or just for you!)

~ Meet FRANCES of The Starcraft ~ artist, newlywed, mother of 2 little boys.   ~ Inspiration ~ her grandmother’s vintage creations and her customer requests. ~ Products ~ her adorable mobiles are all handmade with love using recycled papers from books, newspaper, vintage map papers and music papers. 
~ Her Favorite ~ her natural no-wax star mobiles.  
~ Find her Products ~  on, use coupon code “musthavemore” to get 20% off! 
 ~ Win a Mobile ~ to win this adorable mobile from The Starcraft become a follower of this blog, follow the link above to add thestarcraft to your favorites on Etsy and comment below that you want to win. ( The winner will be randomly chosen from the entries on Monday 4/11 at midnight (PST). Believe me, this one is worth it!

Come back tomorrow for some information on artistic toys like crayons, chalk and paint...and of course, more giveaways!

Etsy toy treasurey:
Frances at The Starcraft: 


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