Saturday, April 9, 2011

Green Clean Outdoor Fun

This week was dedicated to organic and eco-friendly toys. Don't forget that the two giveaways end on Monday the 11th! Today’s post will focus on outdoor play. For fun in the sun I love a good imagination. I remember the hot summer days when the neighborhood kids and I would play “archiologist” and unearth shells from the sea cliff. I am not a fan of play ground equipment but I often find myself there. It always seems dirty and no matter what material is chosen for the ground it always seems to have a draw back. One of my book resources goes into detail about playgrounds but I can only be paranoid to a certain degree. I included the reference if you are wanting a scary read. Even with letting some small things that bother you go you still have to draw a line. Recently baby Paul and I went through a stage where he liked to eat the wood chips...Oui Vey! To distract from fun treats like wood chips and licking the monkey bars I would bring items from home to play with like toy cars and side walk chalk. Usually this scenario brought many other curious kids from the play ground and new games were invented. Here are some of my favorite types of outdoor toys and why I love them.
Wooden Cars and Trucks
Toys made from untreated wood are healthy for baby and better for the environment. An added bonus is their cuteness factor and the retro appeal. I also love that they are so much more durable then plastic toys and you do not have to worry about tiny pieces getting lost. Many play grounds have tables with car race tracks, our local parks have at least one at each location. Bring at least two, these are bound to get some attention! For examples of these cute little toys visit my Etsy organic toy treasury, I have some great finds there!
To decorate your driveway, sidewalk or playground chalk is just plain fun. It is easy to carry with you and you do not have to worry about a mess because rain will clean up for you. Just like any art supply, choose your products wisely. Chalk dust is often consumed by accident so picking a natural brand is important. For eco-friendly chalk I love supporting small businesses like Rose and Rockers.
~ Meet ERIN of Rose and Rockers ~ artist, wife, mother of 3. ~ Purpose ~ she has a giving nature so giving to her own children and others drive her cause. ~ Products ~ from crayons to watercolors to chalk her art supplies are safe and non-toxic, some are organic. Even her packaging is repurposed or recycled! ~ Her Favorite ~ the Comin’ Home crayons are her favorite because she loves the color combination. ~ Find her Products ~ on Etsy,, use coupon code ONE4ONE to get 10% off!

Green Babies, Sage Moms by Linda Fassa
Etsy Organic Toy Treasury:
Rose and Rockers:


  1. Thanks for the recommendations. Seeing as I aspire to live a more healthy, natural lifestyle, these are great tips!

    Also, your header text is very reassuring. This busy momma appreciates your hard-work and research.

    So you know, I'm following you back via Tara's Weekend Hop!

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  2. Thank you Gillian, I put a lot of thought into my header. I am very happy that it reassured you! By the way, I ALWAYS cite my work so you can find my sources. That is the college professor in me :)

  3. Thanks for the recommendation my daughter was asking for chalk today I'll have to go check her page out :)

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