Thursday, March 31, 2011

Burp Cloths - reasons, uses and giveaway!

I am a fan of the burp cloth, my favorite are ones that are creamy in color so spit up blends in! I recently started making organic burp clothes with my cute embroidery and found myself with two extras. This blog gives reasons to own burp cloths, uses for them while you have an infant and beyond and then how to enter in the giveaway to win one of mine. There will be two winners!

10 Reasons for Burp Cloths
1. So you do not have to change your shirt or walk around smelling like a dairy
2. To clean up little baby messes
3. To clean up not-so-little mommy messes
4. To have the freedom of handing baby off to a well meaning person and not worry about baby spitting up all over their nice clothes! Let’s face it, sometimes we don’t care when it is our clothes but if it is someone else...
5. It fits nicely in your purse or diaper bag
6. A cover-up for nursing mommies on the go
7. A small car blanket for rainy or cold days
8. Fabric to prop up baby’s head when she falls asleep in the car seat or stroller
9. An emergency diaper changing pad
10. All the complements you will get because the burp cloth is just SO cute!

No More Baby, What Now?
1. Old burp cloths can have several uses outside of the norm. Here are my favorites,
2. Security blanket
3. Bath time wash cloth
4. Playground wipe - we live in a misty coastal beach town so our playground always has water on the slide and swings. We have to be savvy and carry around a towel to the park, these are nice and small and are already in your play bag!
5. Picnic napkins
6. And finally for the burp cloths that had too much love they can be used as cleaning towels.

Here is how to win one of my bumble bee burp cloths pictured on my page.

For Current Followers -
All you have to do is comment below that you want to be entered. To be entered twice all you have to do is suggest my blog to a friend and they follow me and then comment below that you sent them!
For Newbies (non-followers) -
It is simple, follow my blog and leave a comment below saying how you found me.

The deadline to enter is Saturday at midnight (Pacific Time), the winners will be announced on Sunday morning.


  1. I would love to enter the contest! What a cute idea!

  2. enter me please, though it will be harder to win this time, since there are more followers competing!

  3. Burp clothes are wonderful everyday tools when you have a baby! I still use them with my 18 month old! Love to win this!

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