Saturday, March 19, 2011

Baby Out On The Town

My wonderful Psychologist husband tells me that if you think you have OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) then you don’t. However, if I could pick an area that I fall into an OCD panic about it would be researching and choosing all the baby products we need. I divided this blog into several parts because it would be ridiculously long if it remained in one piece. Here is how I broke it down,
Part 1 - Baby out on the town
Part 2 - Chemical free sleep
Part 3 - Why organic clothes?
Part 4 - Items that make life easier
Keep an eye out for the other sections, here is Part 1.
Baby out on the town
I have been obsessing over all the details, large and small, for our coming adopted baby wanting to give that child only the best. Our adoption agency performed a “home study” this is a process where they send a representative to your home to check for safety and to determine if you are ready. There were certain items we had to have and the first was a properly installed car seat. I hit the books reading up on current brands and chemicals to watch that they may contain. Many sources said that you just cannot get around plastic on this one and to let the car seat “off gas” outside for several days. Also, the sources said that toxic chemical levels can vary on each car seat so even if you buy a brand that says it conforms to every hurdle out there it is still hard to tell exactly what is lurking in the seat. This is NOT okay with me. The car is generally a closed space and baby will spend many hours in the seat so it must be safe in all ways.
So what is a green mom to do? One day I was helping my mother at her spa, Harmony Day Spa, and I met a lovely woman who’s husband and friend founded a company called Orbit Baby. I told her my problem and she informed me of her products. As soon as I set my eyes on an Orbit stroller online I knew I had to have one. I could have cared less about it’s popularity with celebrities, I wanted it because it was SO practical and oh-so-green. The design was genius! The base rotates 360 degrees so you can place the baby straight into the car base or stroller base and then turn in instead of turning your back. I am a person with a bad scoliosis so this was music to my ears! If the design wasn’t enough to hook me the green standards were. They have a commitment to green fabrics and materials that are unmatched by any other company.
I bought my own Orbit and installed it in my car, even with my sensitive nose I could not detect any plastic smelling off gas fumes. In the beginning you will pay more for this system but not too long ago they made some upgrades and now there are two systems G1 and G2. If you cannot afford the new G2 system there are many people selling their out grown G1 systems online on ebay or craigslist. For me it was worth the investment and if you ever want to know more about my experience with the system feel free to ask!
Diaper Bags 
There is more to being out on the town then just car seats and strollers. Diaper bags and baby carriers are also items to buy. Many diaper bags are waterproof which is a great idea in theory but make sure that you read the label to find out what they are using to waterproof the material. The manufacturer must print BPA or PVC free on the label, if you do not see that do not buy the item. I prefer bags you can throw in the washing machine over ones that are waterproof. Diaper bags that are chemical free cost more, but there are a few brands that are really great. Ergo makes both a back pack and a front pack that attaches to their carrier, these are chemical free. There are also some smaller companies out there, you can find some of them on
Baby Carriers
Baby carriers have got a bad rap recently in the news. If worn properly they are not a danger so just make sure to follow simple guidelines like not allowing your baby’s chin to rest on their chest and make sure that their face is not against your chest but to the side. Carriers range from wraps to packs like the Ergo to slings. It is really up to you and your back, pick something that feels comfortable. There are many organic options out there and many craft mommies make their own, you can find patterns for slings and Mai Tais at sewing stores like Hart’s Fabrics who also carry many organic fabrics.
 Book Resources
Green Babies, Sage Moms by Linda Fassa
Ecoholic by Adria Vasil
Healthy Child Healthy World by Christopher Gavigan
 Web Resources


  1. Found you in the Etsy forums and had to follow:) I love your blog!!! As a momma of 5 boys, and always trying to live greener and more responsibly...I cant wait to read more!!!

  2. Thank you nakedmindedmomma (love that name, by the way!) What an amazing gift, 5 boys! I hope my tips help to green and simplify for you. It is great to have followers!